Best crypto wallets for playing Bitcoin poker

Since Bitcoin’s invention that was almost 12 years ago, the world has changed forever. BTC and other cryptocurrencies are spreading wider around the financial world-conquering more and more industries. Among them are online shopping, crowdfunding, investment, charitable projects. Online casinos offer Bitcoin poker , crypto slots, roulette, and other game types.

Online poker variations

Online poker has many in common with traditional poker except real player’s real presence in front of each other at the poker table. However, a live casino experience is possible with a real croupier in online mode and provides a presence effect for gamblers.

Here is some general info about different variations of online poker:

  • Texas Hold’em. One of the most widespread types of online poker in the world is well-known Texas Hold’em. Rules are the following: the player receives two “hole cards” (face down). After betting begins. Afterward, three board cards are turned face up. Then the croupier begins the next round of betting at the end of which two board cards are turned face up. Board cards can be used by any player to add his card combination.
  • Pot-Limit Omaha. One of the complicated types of online poker where a hand-formed only from “hole cards.” Pot-limit means the way of the maximum bet determination that correlates with the size of the pot. Hand rankings are similar to Texas Hold’em.
  • Seven-Card Stud. Before the first round of betting each player gets two cards to face down and one card faces up. Then the betting proceeds. After each player gets three more cards to face up and one card face down. After each of these cards the betting round proceeds. The winner must form the best five-card hand.
  • Omaha Hi-Lo. Some experts call this poker type a variety of Texas Hold’em. In the beginning, each player gets four cards. Two of them can be used to form a combination with board cards (these cards belong to the community of players). If all the players are folding except one of them, the game ends, and the player who did not fold wins.
  • Five-Card Draw. Each player gets five cards and betting proceeds. After each player is obligated to discard 1, 2, or 3 cards, and get back the same amount of new cards.

If you are looking for some more variations of online poker pay attention to these available at 7BitCasino:

  • Oasis Poker. The player gets five cards and one of them can be optionally changed by the following card from the deck.
  • Caribbean Poker. This variation additionally allows each player to participate in the progressive jackpot feature.
  • Trey Poker. This type is played with an ante and a dealer will pay attention at queen-high to qualifying bets.

Bitcoin wallets for playing poker

To play poker with BTC gamblers must have special apps – Bitcoin wallets. There are different modifications of them, the common types are divided into “hot” and “cold” wallets. Here are some of the best Bitcoin wallets:

  • Coinbase. A great choice for beginners. A wallet allows operating BTC within mobile apps.
  • Electrum. One of the easiest for users and most popular wallets.
  • Sparecoins. Great wallet to use in the web browser.
  • Blockchain. A popular wallet that works within the Internet connection.

Choosing a wallet, pay attention is it possible to use it as a mobile app.

Bitcoin exchange services

After you get a particular amount of Bitcoins on your wallet, you may need to exchange them into fiat currency or another cryptocurrency. To do it you can use some of the reliable exchange services:

  • BW. This platform is a leading world trading service for Bitcoin exchange
  • CoinBene. A trustworthy platform that operates with BTC, Ethereum, and another crypto
  • Changelly. This service allows instant exchange of different currency types.


One of the popular gambling activities is a safe opportunity to earn money when you play poker with BTC. Choosing a wallet for Bitcoin poker better pay attention to its type and functions. Moreover, the main rule is to exchange cryptocurrency within trustworthy services only.

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